The O bag and the O bag mini

The O bag and the O bag mini, launched in 2012, are the brand’s iconic bags. With its unique shape and simple design, O bag has become the emblem of the brand named after it. The shape is simple, and the use of XL Extralight® succeeds in combining functionality, robustness and lightness. It’s a must-have item for any woman who loves to create and personalise her own style, an essential characteristic in the world of fashion inspired by O bag itself, which has become a pioneer in customisation. Both items can in fact be personalised, thanks to interchangeable components like handles, shoulder straps, trims and internal pockets, and are easy to put together with the practical assembly system. The XL Extralight® body is semi-rigid, roomy and convenient, and can be combined with various accessories, making this a bag for any occasion: shopping, work or leisure time. The O bag and O bag mini bodies are also available in brush texture, obtained using a special treatment that gives the bag a scratched appearance. The O bag mini also comes in a quilted-effect matelassé version.

O bag double

O bag double is one of the smallest in the family, and one of the youngest too (2018). It’s called double because its body is a pairing of XL Extralight® and saffiano-print eco-leather side panels. This is a bag to be carried in the hand: colourful and carefree, with handles in plexiglass or bamboo effect; elegant and refined with short chain handles and eco-leather straps. Also available in a mini version with a special herringbone texture.

O bag urban

O bag urban is the city tote bag that’s large, convenient and roomy, the perfect way to carry everything an elegant, dynamic woman needs. It’s a horizontal tote bag with a body in saffiano-effect texture, and it’s ideal for shoulder wear, with gold or silver chains and eco-leather shoulder section. Also available in a matelassé version, created using a special process which gives the bag a sophisticated quilted effect.

O pocket

O pocket, the timeless little pochette from O bag, is the perfect daytime accessory, but ideal for the evening too. The body - again in XL Extralight® - can be combined with a huge range of flaps, from fabric to eco-leather, making O pocket the perfect bag for every occasion! O pocket can be carried or worn across the body, thanks to the numerous combinations of handles and straps available. Countless different ways of carrying the bare essentials.

O bag beach and O bag beach mini

O bag beach and O bag beach mini, with their rectangular shape and XL Extralight® body, are reminiscent of the classic straw bag, even more so because of the special braided texture of the surface. These are roomy bags - even the mini version - perfect for carrying all the essentials for the beach. A touch of lightness for summer looks, both by the sea and in the city.

O bag glam

O bag glam is the trapezoid bag with decisive, trendy style. It’s special because it’s two bags in one, thanks to its interchangeable accessories: discreet and sporty worn across the body and with strap fastening, more elegant and bold carried by the tubular handle and with buckled flap. Of all the brand’s models, O bag glam is undoubtedly an evergreen item that can add chic to any outfit.

O bag tulip

O bag tulip is a version of the O bag revisited, with a rounded outline reminiscent of the petals of a tulip. It’s a different, colourful version, to be alternated with the classic O bag in spring or summer. O bag tulip can be combined with all the accessories of the standard O bag: inner bags, handles and straps in various types, materials and colours.




O clock

O clock is O bag’s first product, launched in 2009. Created almost for fun, initially it offered the option of combining a range of colourful straps with the only dial produced: the classic total white. The watch has since become one of the brand’s icons, and consists of a bracelet-type strap in non-allergenic silicon which can be customised with multiple colourful dials. With a simple change, more than 1,300 combinations can be created, giving you a different watch every day. O clock great is the larger version, suitable for men too.

O clock time

O clock time is a watch with a simple yet innovative design. The special interchangeable dials can be combined with active elastic straps for a more sporty unisex look or with a rigid metal bracelet for an exquisite watch that’s original, elegant and modern, perfect for special occasions.

O click shift

O click shift is the little watch with exquisitely elegant straps that become real double bracelets in plexiglass or eco-leather. The small dial and its cover are also available in a wide range of colours. O click shift arose as a transformation of the earlier O click, the necklace watch.







O sun, O sun flat and O sunshine

O sun, O sun flat and O sunshine are the sunglasses made in Grilamid, a plastic material that gives extreme lightness and comfort to the interchangeable elements of lens mounts, frames and arms. All the components can be combined in a variety of colours and graphics. From classic rounded shape to aviator style, all the sunglasses are unisex.







O shoes

O shoes are the colourful slip-ons launched in 2016, O bag’s first foray into the world of footwear. Made in XL Extralight® material with two bands, they are available in men’s and women’s versions. The sole is designed for wearer comfort. The lightweight and easily washable material makes these slip-ons suitable for the beach or the pool, but also in town for an unconventional, alternative look.






O joy

O joy is the customisable multi-sensory Made in Italy lamp designed by Franco Driusso. Consisting of a base, a central body and a shade, it can be completed with a USB cable, a Bluetooth speaker and a controlled-release fragrance diffuser, giving olfactory and auditory experiences as well as light and movement, for a uniquely relaxing result.


O eat

O eat is the customisable lunch box that’s entirely Made in Italy, designed by the laboratorio.quattro studio and produced by Guzzini. A practical elastic handle makes it easy to carry. Inside there are two separate containers that are suitable for microwave or dishwasher.

O clock wall

O clock wall is the wall clock with a round shape and a minimal dial, enclosed in a solid metal case. It’s available in the classic version or with graphics and date. O clock wall echoes the shape and design of the O clock in every detail.






One is the first O bag backpack, the result of a collaboration with young designer Matteo Cibic. Completely customisable and with a semi-rigid back panel in XL Extralight®, colourful zip covers in rubberised or Cordura technical fabric and adjustable shoulder straps. The rounded shape is inspired by space travel: an interstellar journey that begins with the name itself: O1 (One), the code used to classify stars

O bag M217

O bag M217 is the roomy, multi-tasking unisex backpack in soft rubberised fabric. It’s the ideal luggage for any occasion, from weekend trips to the country to more adventurous travels. It can be embellished with numerous accessories such as a 15-inch laptop case or an organiser, and with its built-in USB port it can become a real "mobile office".



O bag Soft collection


In 2018 O bag launched a new line of bags in response to its customers’ needs: the Soft collection. Various models of bags and backpacks are made in soft rubberised fabric, still modular and customisable with specially-designed interchangeable accessories. From shoppers to tote bags, cargo bags to mini cross-bodies that turn into pouches. An alternative range for anyone who loves classic style but refuses to sacrifice O bag’s unique feature: customisation. New models have been created for the Autumn/Winter season, including O diamond, O boxy, O nice and O candy, joining the already familiar O mild, O sweet and O ride. The collection will also feature a range of accessories such as wallets, pochettes, card holders and travel beauty cases.




Alternative skin collection


O bag’s “Alternative skin” collection is designed for dynamic women who seek classic style combined with the sophistication and uniqueness of O bag with its interchangeable accessories. The bags are sporty and urban in style and made using highly-resistant technical fabrics such as nylon, ribbon, Cordura, mesh and rubberised fabric. The base colour is black, paired with contrasting colours like white, yellow and red. An alternative line with a practical and functional sporty mood. The collection expands with alternative models in eco-leather. Even more gritty and rocky. The bags are again modular, and come in check texture, saffiano print and tiles effect. They are distinguished by a wide range of metal details and accessories such as chain handles, ring handles, zips and buckles.