This Christmas, O bag gives you a gift!


(DPR 430/2001)

PROMOTER: the company Street 71 , whose registered office and operational headquarters are located in in Via Galvani, 1–35011Campodarsego, P.IVA 4562840282 (hereinafter referred to as the “Promoter”), intends to run the “OUR GIFT FOR YOU”
reward programme in order to promote and boost its product sales.


TYPE: loyalty programme with immediate assignment of rewards.

PERIOD OF OPERATION: the loyalty programme will run from 5/12/2019 to 29/12/2019.

AREA: on domestic and foreign markets, in the O bag mono brand sales points taking part in the programme.

TARGET: all the consumers of age who are O bag customers.


> customers who buy a complete bag with XL EXTRALIGHT® body or of the Soft Line collection comprising at least 3 components during the special offer period, will receive a complimentary body in XL EXTRALIGHT® of choice from another shape and from colours available, until while stocks last.
> customers who buy a complete watch with silicone band comprising at least 2 components during the special offer period will receive a complimentary silicone band of choice from another shape and from colours and sizes available, until while stocks last.

Customers are entitled to one prize only, for each purchase of a product included in the promotion.

PRODUCTS INVOLVED IN THE SPECIAL OFFER: products included in the promotion are all the bags made in XL Extralight® and in rubber material (Soft line) comprising at least 3 components (1 body and 2 different accessories) and the watches O clock and O clock great comprising at least 2 components (band + dial).

REWARD: a body bag in XL Extralight® of a market value between 13€ to 41€ (VAT included) or a silicone band of a market value of 9€ (VAT included).
Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. The reward
programme cannot be combined with any other on-going promotions.

NUMBER OF REWARDS, DESCRIPTION AND MARKET VALUE: the promotor intends assigning 1 complimentary body bag of a market value of between €13 to €41 including VAT for every complete bag purchased at full price. 
The promotor intends assigning 1 complimentary silicone band of a market value of 9€ including VAT for every complete watch purchased at full price.

DEPOSIT: pursuant to art. 7, letter b) of the Italian Pres. Decr. 430/2001, no deposit is due since the reward is assigned when the purchase is made.


MARKET VALUE OF FREE GIFTS: the market value of the above-mentioned rewards is the value indicated on the current retail pricelist, carrying today’s date.

CONSIGNMENT DATE OF THE REWARDS: the reward will be handed over when the purchase is made.

LIABILITY RELATING TO THE USE OF REWARDS: with regard to the aforementioned reward, the Promoter declines all responsibility deriving from its improper use by consumers or by persons whose age or physical and/or mental state precludes their ability to use it correctly.

METHOD OF PARTICIPATION IN THE ABOVE-MENTIONED LOYALTY PROGRAMME: the consumers’ participation in this reward programme implies their unconditioned acceptance of the regulations and the clauses contained herein, without exception.

REGULATION MODIFICATIONS: the Promoter reserves the right to modify the contents of these Regulations at any time, while guaranteeing that said modifications do not affect the consumers’ acquired rights, pursuant to art. 10, paragraph 4, Italian Pres. 
Decr. 430/2001. Should it be necessary to modify these regulations, the end consumers will be duly informed of the modifications in the same way and in the same form in which they were initially informed of the operation.


METHODS USED TO PUBLISH THE REGULATIONS OF THIS REWARD PROGRAMME: the Regulations relating to this loyalty programme will be published in their entirety on the website, on the page dedicated to the reward programme pursuant to art. 10, paragraph 3 of Italian Pres. Decr. no. 430/2001. Through social media activities and promotional materials available at participating retailers. The original copy of these regulations with affidavit, in compliance with Italian Pres. Decr.
No.445/2001, will be filed at the Promoter’s headquarters throughout the duration of the operation and for the 12 subsequent months.

LITIGATION: for any disputations coming from the above reward programme, the competent Court will be the one of Padova.